Joe as the Hungry Caterpillar for World Book Day 2017

Hiatus – back with a bang

Looking back over the 3 blog posts here I feel a bit sorry that I didn’t continue to blog through that course at Barry Roger’s School of sewing. It was excellent and really covered many different techniques. Barry has now moved to  South Wales and teaches from there which is a shame for Southampton’s sewing scene.

In the interim I completed a couple of projects including a bunch of varied cushions for my brother and a Hungry Caterpillar costume for my very tall friend Joe.

Unfortunately sewing then tailed off again as I bought my first flat and didn’t even have a table for the machine for a long time.

However, I’m firmly back on track now and have enrolled with ‘Sew it academy‘ on both their menswear and women’s wear pathways.

I really enjoy reading other people’s sewing blogs so I’m going to persevere with this one.  I like documenting what I’m doing and looking back from time to time.