Janome Sewist 525 sewing machine | one small stitch for man

New year, new hobby!

Well it’s an old hobby really. While idly googling early this year I stumbled across Barry Rogers School of Sewing in Southampton and they had a ‘beginners’ course starting in January for 6 weeks.

I’m not a complete beginner but looking at the course description it contained things I’d never heard of: ‘Hong Kong seam’ for one, as well as things I had never attempted i.e. ‘Invisible zip’. In fact, I can only remember ever having sewn one zip.

Having enrolled I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm so I bought this:

Janome 525s

From the Singer Sewing Centre in Newport and couldn’t resist buying some fabric to turn this:

Into this:

Although I was very happy with how the waistcoat turned out initially, the seam in the centre back took only one wear before it started to come apart (not reinforced) and from starting to read other blogs I realised that I hadn’t:

  • Blended the threads in the seams
  • Finished off any of the seams!

So clearly, I have a lot of refreshing / technical training to go!