bunting | one small stitch for man


Not able to contain my new enthusiasm I decided to take a trip to ‘the mainland’ (I live on the Isle of Wight) and visit some fabric shops. 

Along with various tools I bought a pattern for a hoodie with a cowl neck rather than a hood (so not really a hoodie then) and decided to buy some ‘fat quarters’ and make some bunting as a quick and easy project:

This set has gone up in one of my friend’s classrooms and I’m doing another line to go in another friend’s hair salon when he gives it a bit of a makeover for Spring. 

I hadn’t used a rotary cutter before and once I realised that you push down instead of forwards It was so much easier to use than scissors. I’ve now bought a small one as well and am hoping that these will help to speed up and improve the accuracy of my cutting out.