straight line sewing sampler | one small stitch for man

Sewing Lesson #1

After spending nearly an hour sewing around various shapes with an unthreaded needle we finally graduated on to using thread! The lesson was quite fun actually and I did learn some things about adjusting the tension in bobbins and different types of needle and feet. We even graduated onto fabric and different stitches eventually: My … Continue reading Sewing Lesson #1

Janome Sewist 525 sewing machine | one small stitch for man

New year, new hobby!

Well it's an old hobby really. While idly googling early this year I stumbled across Barry Rogers School of Sewing in Southampton and they had a 'beginners' course starting in January for 6 weeks. I'm not a complete beginner but looking at the course description it contained things I'd never heard of: 'Hong Kong seam' … Continue reading New year, new hobby!

bunting | one small stitch for man


Not able to contain my new enthusiasm I decided to take a trip to 'the mainland' (I live on the Isle of Wight) and visit some fabric shops.  Along with various tools I bought a pattern for a hoodie with a cowl neck rather than a hood (so not really a hoodie then) and decided … Continue reading Bunting